Retailing TV was created by the team behind Entrepreneur Television (A new line-up of TV shows owned by Entrepreneur Media and The Innovation Biz Group). Retailing TV is our division that helps consumer brands with their marketing needs…

The Retailing TV Team (Innovation Biz Group) has vast number of other TV Show production partners including


The Retailing TV Team (Inspire Media / The Innovation Biz Group) is an emerging leader in the content everywhere, brand integration marketing model. Every week day Inspire Media is producing, distributing and marketing exclusive brand messaging and product integrations for today’s platform agnostic, multi-screen consumer lifestyle.Based in Orlando, Florida; Raleigh, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada, Inspire Media (and The Innovation Biz Group) has created content that reached over 180 million homes across a premier platform of local television affiliates and national cable networks including; CBS, FOX, CW, ABC, WeTV, The Reelz Channel, The YouToo Network, The Soul of the South (SSN), ESPN, Fox Sports and Hulu.
For opportunities in Mexico and South America please call our partner Antonio Tajonar
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